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Chapter 1: The Re-birth

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

*Taps mic* Is this thing on!?

Well hello friends! Let me start off by saying if you are reading this, you are so loved & very much appreciated. I am so excited to have you a part of this journey as I share topics not only related to my businesses & brand but also my faith, lifestyle, a little bit of fashion & more!

When planning this 1st blog post, I was stuck. I didn't even know where to start. I thought to myself...What do I say? How do I say it? Should I only mention a few random facts about myself? Will people like what I have to say? Hell, will they even read it or will they say, "Okay that's enough reading for today, back to the gram!". That was when I realized that this has been my thought process for EVERYTHING.

For months I had been speaking this website into existence, even purchased the domain. Yet, I struggled to start. I found myself stressing over every little detail. It had to be perfect the FIRST time around! The same doubts, the anxiety, the overthinking, this need for perfection all led me to believe that this project wasn't ready yet...that I wasn't ready yet. That's when I decided to pull back, regroup and get to the root of it all, hence my recent hiatus. I had been so focused on "the brand" this and "the brand" that, that I didn't realize it was my spiritual & mental health that needed the CPR the most.

But let me tell ya'll...nothing can compare to the power of God's restoration.

During my hiatus, God gathered me all the way up and got me together in every aspect of my life: my relationship with him, my brand, my focus, my work ethic and so much more. I know I should be doing telling you my favorite color by now, oh and where I'm from and my favorite television show but instead I feel like leaving you with a few gems that are now my daily reminders.


In most cases, we can be our biggest downfall. We block our own blessings by telling ourselves, "No I could never pull that off" to the very thing that sets our soul on fire, all because we're too afraid to make a move on it. Seriously, how long has it been since you've taken a chance on yourself? How long before you do it again? Hmm..What about making it a habit?


Your journey is your journey. Everything that comes with it is only to mold you and propel you right into your destiny. But you've gotta embrace every single part of it. Yes, even the lows. Yes, even those dark, lonely moments that wrecked you in the worst ways possible. Because what you probably haven't realized is that those are the moments that built you up the most.


If you're waiting on the hand-clap and nod of approval from everybody else before you start going hard for your dreams, then you don't want it bad enough. Don't get so busy worrying about who's not rooting for you that you're not even rooting for yourself. Go off for you! Go hard for you! Whether they get it, see it, feel it, love it, hate it...doesn't matter. Keep doing the thing that you love no matter the costs because one day, it will certainly pay off!


It may be a cliché but 9 times out of 10, you are much closer than you think you are. Get some faith honey! And, not just any ole faith but some crazy faith! If you can faith it, you can believe it and if you can definitely achieve it!

I'm rooting for you.

Thanks for joining me friends. This is only the beginning...



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